TCX Segment downloader

Compete against your PR, the KOM, or the "carrot" in real-time on your GPS!

This tool lets you select segments you've ridden before and download the following three efforts in TCX format:

  • Your PR effort
  • The KOM
  • The "Carrot" (the person just above you on the leaderboard)

Then, you can load any of these into your GPS and, if your GPS supports a "Virtual Partner" (like Garmin's do), then you can see exactly how much distance or time you are ahead or behind of the effort you are competing against.

To get started, provide either your AthleteID, or the URL from your athlete page, or the URL from one of your rides. For example:

  • 18771

Keep in mind, it can 10, 20, 30 seconds or longer to get all of your rides from Strava, so the page will trying to load that whole time. Don't click "Refresh" during that time.