The Göldo BackBox

New (2014-10-03)
There are now people posting YouTube videos showing:
1 - how well the Goldo works,
2 - how it even works with a D-Tuna,
(and another, if you speak Spanish)
3 - as well as how to install it

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Okay, so you saw the elegant aluminum and brass creation of the ESP Arming Adjuster. Now, imagine that it had been designed by Germans with a concept of beauty that leaned more toward the... uh.... "industrial". Please welcome the Göldo BackBox.

Like the ESP, the Goeldo is half of an Ibanez BackStop. However, it has the sole honor of being the only BackStop-style device that is still currently sold (I don't think the ESP's are made anymore... and the Ibanez ones... well, you read about that). The downer is that they only seem to be sold in Europe, so you have to find a music store there that ships to you (if you're not in Europe). The price is typically 20 Euros, which is probably about $30... which makes it cheaper than the TremSetter (which doesn't even work as well).

It mounts just like the ESP Arming Adjuster, but the screws are in a different place. One thing I want to point out though (and it's hard to see it in some of the photos) is that the felt is built-in. Let me explain. On all of the units reviewed here, there's always something to dampen sound when the tremolo returns to it's rest position and the stop takes over the job to keeping the spring pre-loaded. On the Tremsetter, this is a little squishy washer which you never have to bother with. With the WD, the Ibanez BackStop, and the ESP Arming Adjusted, it's a little felt dot that you stick onto the body of the tremolo where it contacts the stabilizer. This can be an issue as the glue on the felt can get old or the felt can get nudged around a bit. The BackBox, however, actually has the felt mounted on the tip that contacts the tremolo, so it's one less thing to worry about.


Ease of Installation: Just as easy as the ESP. Can't imagine how they could make it easier.

Ease of Adjustment: Like the BackStop and the ESP.

Effectiveness: This is the one I have mounted in my other floating-trem electric, and it set-up easy and worked from day 1.

Cost: At $30 plus shipping (which could make it cost more than the TremSetter), it's the cheapest of the BackStop-style units.

Overall: It's not as pretty to look at as the ESP, but it's going to spend it's days hidden inside the tremolo cavity, so who cares? It's among the cheapest ones out there and it has the felt pad built-in. This is the only trem stabilizer I'm ever going to put in any of my guitars or recommend to others.

Hipshot Tremsetter ESP Arming Adjuster
Ibanez BackStop Goeldo BackBox
WD Tremolo Stabilizer Tremol-no
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