Göldo BackBox for sale in U.S.

Update: As an experiment, I'm willing to sell these in exchange for Bitcoin. If you want to buy one/some with BTC, let me know and I'll send you my wallet ID and we can tell PayPal where to stuff it!

I really was torn about doing this, but I decided to start selling the BackBoxes on eBay. The reason I didn't want to is because there are some people who set out to sell something online, and then they write up so biased "review" of products and, wouldn't you know it, the product they are selling comes out the winner. So, I didn't want people to think that this trem-stabilizer review was just a sham to get people to buy stuff from me. I wrote this review a couple of years ago... back when I was on a quest to end my floating-trem woes once and for all, so I tried all of the ones I could find. I didn't finally break down and start selling the BackBoxes until after a couple of years of readers emailing me with the same question: "Hey, where can I get these in the U.S.?".

At first, I would just tell them "You gotta get them from Germany. Just bite the bullet and pay the international shipping cost. Maybe you can get some friends to get some, too, and it will spread out the shipping cost over multiple items". However, a few readers emailed me claiming they couldn't find them on the Rockinger site. So, I went to Rockinger's site to find the link to send it to them and, lo and behold, the link was gone. So, Rockinger had pulled the BackBox from their store. A couple of months later, it was back again. A few months later, it was gone again.

Up until then, I wasn't interested in selling them myself just to save people some shipping costs. But the fact that they periodically were just not available finally pushed me over the edge. I decided that, the next time Rockinger had them for sale again, I was going to order about 10 and then sell them at cost to people who emailed me. So, that's what I did. But then it turned out to be kind of a hassle because they'd first email me with the "Hey, do you know where I can get them?", and I'd say "Yeah, I have some extras that I sell for cost", and they'd say "How much?", I'd say "$35", they'd say "How do I pay you", I say "PayPal", they ask for my PayPal address... you get the idea. It took about 5-6 emails back and forth over a few days to finally get anything sent out.

So then, I really broke down and just made an eBay page for them... figuring I'd sell 10 over the course of a few months....

... they sold out in about 5 days.

Umm... okay. So, I ordered a bunch more and they came in and I put the auction back up. This went on for several months now, and now I'm trying out just selling them directly. If it works, eBay will stop taking $3 per transaction, I'll get one fewer notification emails per purchase, but I won't get positive feedbacks on eBay from all of the buyers. Ah, well....

So, to keep a long story from getting any longer, the point is that this review is not here to drum up interest in something I'm selling. I'm selling the BackBoxes because people kept emailing me asking where to get them. I'd love to charge a bunch of money and make a fortune on them, but I want to keep the price down around my cost so that people don't start doubting the impartiality of this review (and also because, if the price were high, then many people who need one of these wouldn't be able to afford one). I guess I'd rather be respected than rich.

Update: As an experiment, I'm willing to sell these in exchange for Bitcoin. If you want to buy one/some with BTC, let me know and I'll send you my wallet ID and we can tell PayPal where to stuff it!

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Goeldo BackBox now for sale in the U.S.

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