Installing the Floyd-Rose Stabilizer

Somebody recently contacted me, indicating that they had one of these installed in their guitar, but they weren't sure how to adjust it, so they just just dis-engaged it, entirely. Although I've never installed one of these, I'm almost certain that this is the way to go about it. It's very much like the steps to adjust the BackBox, except the process is different for adjusting the position of the stabilizer.

  1. Make sure the stabilizer is not touching your trem body at all.
  2. Tune your guitar how you want it.
  3. Loosen the allen screw and move the stabilizer up so that it just touches the trem body. Do not push on it so that it moves the trem. Just have it come in contact with it.
  4. Once the allen screw is tightened again, push the trem body against the stabilizer to get a feel for how much force it takes to get the "plunger" on the stabilizer to move.
  5. Now, tighten the screws on the spring claw so that it stretches the springs and starts pulling the trem against the stabilizer. As you do this, it will start taking less pressure from you to move the plunger. Keep tightening the spring claw screws until it takes about half as much pressure from you as it did when you first started.
  6. At this point, you shouldn't see the trem move when gently applying either dive or pull-up pressure to the trem bar.
  7. Your strings have probably slightly gone out of tune during this, so re-tune them.

At that point, you're done. Do a bend on one of the strings while watching the back of the guitar. You shouldn't see the trem rock forward. Rest your hand on the bridge. It shouldn't rock backward.

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