The Mag-Lok

First off, I officially hate these guys because I had this idea about a month before they released their product (it happened with the AxSak, too, dammit!). Every other stabilizer system uses a pre-loaded spring (either under compression or tension) to get their force discontinuity. This thing, however, uses a magnet, hidden inside the red housing.


I haven't tried one, but it looks like it should work fairly effectively. They look like they should be really easy to install. The only thing I'm concerned about is if there's any wierdness resulting from the fact that the attraction of the magnet gets lower as it pulls apart (whereas the tension in a spring goes up as you pull it more). It might cause some strange "feel" issues when trying small trem movements.

Pictures of these things are not easy to find on the web. If you have one of these installed in your guitar, I'd appreciate it if you sent me some good pics. Also, I'm not sure where you can buy these things, but the rumor is that, wherever you do buy them, they run about $45.


Ease of Installation: Looks really easy to install. Basically, one screw and you're pretty much done.

Ease of Adjustment: From the looks of it, you cannot adjust the pre-tension. The magnet is what it is. If you want stiffer or lighter stabilization, I think you're kinda screwed. On the other hand, the position adjustment looks really easy... just one screw (like the Floyd-Rose one). Like the Floyd and the TremSetter, I'm a little turned off by the fact that you can't easily go back to a previous setting (if you try to improve the adjustment and end up making it worse).

Effectiveness: Dunno. Haven't tried one. ????

Cost: $45 isn't bad... if that's really what they go for. Where do you buy these things?

Overall: Based upon reviews I've read, I'll give it three stars for now. I might increase that once I get one in my hands and I can try it out.

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