The ESP Arming Adjuster

All New! My instructions for installing the BackBox (or ESP Arming Adjuster or Ibanez Backstop)

After the arrival of the Ibanez BackStop, the world was then given the ESP Arming Adjuster. Don't ask me what the hell the name means. I have no idea. I can only guess that it's some bad translation from Japanese (since I'm told that's where these are sold because they can't be sold in the US.... see the story about the BackStop).

The AA is, basically, half of an Ibanez Backstop. Granted, you give up half of the duty that the BackStop can give you, but I've found that you don't need that much. Also, this unit eliminates any need to make sure that two springs are adjusted the same (like on the BackStop). It's small, easy to install. It comes across as the latest in the evolution of trem stabilizers toward perfection.
As you can see, the AA occupies the space of a single spring. Like the BackStop, it co-exists peacefully with all of the other tremolo hardware once it's installed.


Ease of Installation: Fairly nice. You should probably drill some holes for the mounting screws, but I guess you don't even need to do that. Other than that, the most you'd need to do is either move one of the existing trem springs out of the way or remove it entirely. Also, keep in mind that, unlike the Tremsetter or the WD, you don't have to be holding some spring or wrestling with any other thing while you install it. You set it where you want it to go in the cavity, and just drive some screws.

Ease of Adjustment: Just like the BackStop, there are just a couple of knurled nuts that you turn with your fingers.

Effectiveness: Like the BackStop, once you get it adjusted, it does work as advertized.

Cost: Get them on eBay for $60. Not terribly cheap, but, to me, the extra $25 or so over the Tremsetter is clearly worth the ease of installation and setup.

Overall: There are only two ways that they could make this better: Make a little tool for adjusting the unit and make it cheaper. However, these are fairly petty concerns and, at $60, it is reasonably priced.

Note that there now appears to be a company selling a very similar item in the UK. They're made to order, though, and they're $99.99 UK Pounds (gulp!). That's the most-expensive trem-stabilizer I've ever seen!

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